Newburg United School Happy Thanksgiving Monday, Nov 20 .....Breakfast: Pancakes Lunch: Pulled Pork Sandwich & Baked Potato JH GBB @ Bottineau-4:00/5:00 Tuesday, Nov 21 Wednesday, Nov 22 ..Breakfast: Grab n Go Lunch:Chicken Alfredo & Peas JH GBB vs South Prairie @ Newburg 4:00/5:00 ..Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwich Lunch: Breakfast for Lunch Thursday, Nov 23 No School Happy Thanksgiving Friday, Nov 24. No School ***************************************************************************************************************************** *Monday December 18th: PK-12 Holiday Program *All Students participate in outside recess! Please ensure your student is dressed properly for the weather! *If your son/daughter has or plans to participate in an extra curricular activity, please remember you must pay $40.00 Activity Fee for the year *Good News will be holding activities after school on Wednesday December 6th, if you are interested!

Weekly Elementary Newsletter November 20th- 24th