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We are going to spend the next nine months working together, therefore, student cooperation will be needed so that all will progress rapidly and smoothly. Whenever a large group congregates, it is necessary for each one of them to assume his/her share of responsibility. Certain rules, regulations and obligations must be carried out. It is hoped that this handbook will be one of the means for developing greater understanding and appreciation of the mutual role played by both the Newburg United School faculty and students. It is our wish that this school year will be both pleasant and profitable for you.


Bullying Policy

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General Information

Building Hours: On school days all students are not to report to the school or on school grounds until 8:05 AM and are to leave the school by 3:45 PM. Prior arrangements between the students and teacher are the only exceptions to these times. A faculty member must supervise any student or group of students in the building other than during these hours.

Students frequently ask to use the gymnasium on days when school is not in session. The policy shall be that permission may be granted only when a faculty member is on hand to supervise the group and to be responsible for any damage to the building or its contents. (School insurance will not be in effect for activities of this type.) No street shoes allowed on the gym floor; stocking feet or gym shoes only.

Tobacco Free School and Grounds: The Newburg United School District is committed to providing employees, students, and visitors with a safe and healthy environment. To support his commitment, the Newburg United School District prohibits the use of tobacco in district owned indoor facilities, vehicles and school grounds.

Bus Procedure: Bus route students should notify the superintendent’s office or the bus driver if they will not be riding the bus in the morning. Students not intending to ride the bus in the morning should notify the bus driver the evening before.

All bus passengers are to obey any and all rules set up by the driver. Bus riders are not to cause disturbances on the bus such as loud talking, horseplay, throwing objects, standing up while the bus is in motions, etc. Students who refuse to obey bus rules should be reported to the administration and may be restricted from riding the bus.

Church Night: As a courtesy to all church organizations, no school activities will be scheduled Wednesday evenings. Teams and organizations are to conclude all practices and activities no later than 5:30 PM.

Immunization Law:School Immunization Law, Section 23-07-17.1 NDCC, as amended in 1979, states that: no child will be admitted to a public or non-public kindergarten, elementary, junior high or senior high school unless they have a Certificate of Immunization on file. There required immunizations are as follow: (Revised 2013)

2016-2017 School Immunization Requirements

Minimum Number of Doses Required Per Grade
Vaccine Type Kindergarten Grades 1-6 Grades 7-12
DTaP/DTP/DT/Tdap/Td* 5 5 5
Hepatitis B 3 3 3
IPV/OPV 4 4 4
MMR 2 2 2
Varicella (Chickenpox) 2 2 1
Meningococcal 0 0 1
Tdap 0 0 1

* One dose of DTap (pediatric diphtheria, tetanus, can cellular pertussis) vaccine must have been given on or after the 4th birthday. Only four doses are necessary if the 4th dose was administered on or after the 4th birthday. Three doses of Tdap (adolescent/adult tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis)/Td are required for children ages seven or older who were not previously vaccinated. Trap should be used as the first dose followed by two doses of Td for children age seven or older not previously vaccinated.

For polio vaccination, in all-IPV or all-OPV schedule: one dose must have been given on or after the 4th birthday. The final dose in the series should be administered on or after the 4th birthday and at least after the previous dose. If four doses are administered prior to are four a 5th dose should be administered at age four through six years. Only three doses of IPV are required if the 3rd dose is given on or after the 4th birthday.

For the 2016-2017 school year, two doses of varicella vaccine are required for kindergarten through eighth grade. If a child has a reliable history of the chickenpox disease, the child is exempt from the vaccine requirement.

For the 2016-2017 school year, one dose of varicella vaccine is required of children attending ninth through twelfth grade. If a child has a reliable history of the chicness disease, the child is exempt from the vaccine requirement.

One dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4)is required for entrance into the seventh grade. One dose of MCV4 must have been given on or after the 10th birthday.

One dose of Tdap vaccine us required for entrance into the seventh grade. One dose of Tdap must have been given on or after the 7th birthday.

Emergency School Closing: If it is necessary to close school because of inclement weather or for emergency reasons, the school will send the initial announcement over the INSTANT ALERT system. Additional announcements will be made on the following stations:
KBTO Radio-Bottineau
KCJB Radio, KXMC TV and KMOT TV-Minot

Care of School Property: Needless destruction or defacement of school property cannot be tolerated. Reimbursement for damages will be assessed in cases of vandalism.

Textbooks and other school property are to be used as carefully as possible. If such property is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, students will be asked to pay a fee to replace the damaged property. School property will be checked by the staff at regular intervals to determine any damage beyond normal use.

Parking: Students driving cars to school will park them upon arrival at school. The cars will remain parked until the end of the school day or until a student has received permission from the superintendent or principal to leave school. Seniors will park their cars in the regular parking area. (North side of the school building.) All other students must park their cars in the east parking area. (East side of the school building.)


CLASSIFICATION OF STUDENTS:Students will be classified on the basis of credits earned. Each student is required to carry at least 5 academic units of credit per year. Student classification is base on the following:

Freshman-Completion of Eighth Grade
Sophomore-Earned a minimum of 4 credits
Junior-Earned a minimum of 9 credits
Senior-Earned a minimum of 14 credits


ACADEMICS Credits Credits
Language Arts 4 4
Social Studies 3 3
Mathematics 2 2
Science 2 2
Physical Education 1 1
Electives 10 8
Total 22 22*
*Credits required to graduate in 2011