High School Grading Scale

An effective marking system should provide information to the student and parent/guardian regarding the student’s progress according to his/her ability.

Letter Grade Percentage Point Point Value
A 94-100 4
B 85-93 3
C 79-84 2
D 70-78 1
F 0-69 0
I Incomplete

An incomplete grade will be given for the grading period when a teacher feels that a student has a legitimate reason for not completing his/her work on time. In such a case, teachers will give the student a reasonable amount of time to complete the work so that the incomplete may be replaced with a numerical grade.

Dropping a course more than 20 days after the beginning of a semester may be done in cases of illness or emergency, subject to the approval of the principal.

Dropping a year’s course at semester time will be permitted only under circumstances agreed to by the parents/guardian, teacher, counselor and principal.