Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

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School Administration



Mr. Jason Kersten Superintendent/7-12 Math Jason.A.Kersten@k12.nd.us
Mr. Bob Beaudrie Principal/Elementary Physical Education Bob.Beaudrie@k12.nd.us
Mr. Levi Gourneau Assistant Principal/7-12 Science
Ms. Kalinda Aho Title I Kalinda.Aho@k12.nd.us
Mr. Don Antram FFA Advisor dantram9@gmail.com
‎Mrs. Courtney Arnason K-12 School Counselor/FACS Courtney.Arnason@k12.nd.us
Ms. Amy Evans Pre-School-Kindergarten Amy.Evans@k12.nd.us
Mrs. Kyleen Kitzman K-12 Special Education Kyleen.Johnson@k12.nd.us
Mrs. Jean Kohlman 7-12 Business & Computers Jean.Kohlman@k12.nd.us
Mrs. Jessica Marsh 3rd-4th Jessica.Marsh@k12.nd.us
‎Mrs. Hadlee Brandt 1st-2nd Handee.Brandt@k12.nd.us
‎Mrs. Sheryl Moen 7-12 English Sheryl.Moen@k12.nd.us
‎Ms. Taylor Owan 5th & 6th Taylor.Owan@k12.nd.us
Mrs. Alysa Palmer Media Specialist Alysa.Palmer@k12.nd.us
Mrs. Amber Thorenson K-12 Music Amber.Thorenson@k12.nd.us
Mr. Charles Werner 7-12 Social Studies/Physical Education Charles.R.Werner@k12.nd.us

Support Staff

Darcy Lamoureux Business Manager
Mrs. Brooke Hilliard Speech
Mrs. Janice Nelson Secretary
Travis Moen Assistant Cook/ Custodian
Mrs. Susan Steen Para Educator
Mr. Jerry Theis Maintenance
Mrs.Cody Pease Para-Educator
Ada Zurcher Cook

Bus Drivers

Mr. Dave Heintzleman-Route #51 272-6123 cell-263-7496
Mr. Jerry Theis-Route #59 850-0554 cell-263-5062
Mrs. Rebecca Frey-Route#55 268-3347 cell-720-0906

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