Daily Announcements

March 27, 2020
Good afternoon
I appreciate everyone’s support and help in this time of starting a whole new effort to continue your students education.
The only announcement I have for today is to Please check the school’s website for all information.
In the last few days, we have added many items to the website.
1. Parent letter
2. Listing of google classroom codes for all teachers/classes
3. Zoom meeting class schedule
4. Individual teacher’s websites
5. K-6 and 7-12 website links of importance
6. Lunch menu and information for next week.
Please refer to website if looking for information. That address is:
Thank you and have a great and safe weekend.
Mr. Beaudrie
Parent Letter-March 26, 2020
Zoom Class Schedule-Subject to change
March 25,2020
AR Information
Students Grades  2nd-12th
In order for Students to gain AR points –  they must go to this site/link
Click on “I’m a student”
Type in their username and password. It is the same username and password they use for STAR tests. If they do not remember – they can text, call, or email Mr. Beaudrie.
In order to take an AR quiz – students need to Click on the Orange ACCELERATED READER Box.
They can Search for their book in the Search Box that is provided. If/When it shows up on the screen – they can click on the box that says “Take Quiz.”
They can take the quiz.
If students have any other questions – they can reach out to Mr. Beaudrie.

Bob Beaudrie

K-12 Principal

Newburg United School

March 24, 2020
Good evening
I don’t have a lot of updates today. Please continue to check our website for any/all updates.
I would like to just inform you of a couple things.
1. Our staff has been working extremely hard on getting their curriculum lined up for the extended closure period.
Our teachers will continue to reach out to students and parents via remind apps, email, and zoom meetings.
2. Please continue to remind your Students in grades 7-12 to continue to check their emails for Google Classroom invites.
3. Elementary students and parents can continue to connect with teachers through the remind app, email and zoom meetings.
We are hoping to have all students and staff ready to roll next week with continuing education for all.
I appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during this time. I believe it will be a lot of trial and error on what will work going forward.
I am very proud of how much our staff has accomplished in such a short period of time. They are extremely committed to your students.
Thanks again and have a great night.
Mr. Beaudrie
March 20, 2020
Good afternoon
I would first like to thank everyone for their cooperation this week. Thank you to all parents for picking up your students supplies at the school and for those who filled out survey information.
I only have one reminder for today.
Please read the website update or Facebook page update for lunch information.
I did have a mistake on my message. We will be continuing the lunch program from Tuesday through Friday next week. I had put Tuesday through Thursday on my original message on the website.
Again, I will be updating everyone with information each day next week if need be.
Thanks again and have a great, safe weekend.
March 19, 2020
Good evening
As many of you have heard, school has been called off by the Governor of North Dakota until further notice.
I appreciate all the support and cooperation that parents have provided over the last week.
I was able to contact almost all of our parents today to either come in to pick up your students supplies or to make arrangements to do so tomorrow or a later date.
For those that I was unable to contact today, I will try and do that tomorrow. You can also call the school and request a time to do this.
A couple of things that the Governors announcement means to you and that you should know.
1. We will continue to provide lunch service and delivery to those students that have requested it. We will begin this service again on Tuesday. If you would like your student to be added to this, please call the school and let me know.
2. Mr. Kersten, myself and a committee of teachers from NUS will be meeting on Monday to work on finalizing our plan on how we are going to continue to provide an adequate and equitable education for your students.
I believe we have a very good start with this, but more work is needed to be done.
3. We will submit our plan to the Department of Public Instruction by next Friday.
If our plan is approved, we will be able to provide online resources and other equitable learning resources off-site to our students.
4. If the plan is approved- those days and times will count towards our student contact hours for the school year.
5. Again, please check our Facebook and website for any updates. I will continue to have Mrs. Godfrey and Mrs. McNeil post these texts on those sites as well.
6. I can’t express how grateful I am to our staff, students and parents for doing whatever needs to be done in order to help each other out during this pandemic.
Thank you for your continued support.
Mr. Beaudrie.
March 18, 2020

Good afternoon
I have a few updates which I would like to inform you of today.
In the event of a prolonged school closure we have been preparing for any possibilities of what may need to be done.
We spent a good portion of the day cleaning out student lockers and packing up a majority of their belongings and textbooks.
1. I will be calling individual families tomorrow and possibly Friday to set up a time for the parent to come to the school. I will have your student(s) supplies and belongings ready for you to take at that time.
We are doing this for a couple of reasons:
We would like your student(s) to have their texts and supplies in case our school closure is prolonged.
We want to clean all lockers and sanitize those areas. This will also give families a chance to clean and wash any clothing items the student would have in their locker.
2. When picking up your student’s belongings, please return any bookmobile books that they may have at home.
Library books may be brought back as well.
3. Continue to remind your students to practice “social distancing” as much as possible.
4. Again, while the school is closed we will not allow any students in the school.
5. Continue to check our school website and Facebook page for any and all updates.
6. I appreciate everyone that filled out the school survey as this has helped in putting together our plan for moving forward with continued education.
7. We will also set up a process to supply those students that were in need of school owned computers and IPads.
I appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this unusual time. I will continue to try and update our parents as often as possible.
Mr. Beaudrie